Certik Review – Smart Contract and Blockchain Verification Services

Certik Review – Smart Contract and Blockchain Verification Services. Certik is a smart contract audit firm that has been around since 2018. They’ve established themselves as a qualified player in audits, with over 3000 projects already on their books.

The project aims to provide prioritized security to blockchain ecosystems through its foundational verification platform. To accomplish this, they have developed modular verification techniques that break down proof tasks into smaller ones that can be verified more easily.

Security Consulting Services

As a leading blockchain security firm, Certik is helping companies develop a secure environment for their operations. The company has a team of cybersecurity experts who work with their clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their project, from design to launch and beyond.

Founded in 2018, Certik has grown to become a trusted partner for some of the world’s largest blockchain projects, including Aave, BZX, Lien Protocol, Tellor, Matic, Terra, and ThorChain. They have also built a blockchain transaction monitoring tool called Skynet that monitors suspicious on-chain actions and notifies companies when there is a problem with their crypto assets.

In addition to their audit services, Certik offers a number of other security products that are designed for blockchain firms and crypto exchanges. These include a security risk rating system, bug bounty programs, crypto exchange ratings and more.

Certik also provides a KYC product for web3 smart contracts and blockchains that enables companies to independently verify their identity and legitimacy, which is a key step in establishing trust in the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the firm operates a blockchain leaderboard that ranks Web3 projects on security risk based on a variety of on-chain security primitives.

The firm has recently completed a security audit of VANTA, a decentralized and permission-less network that ensures real-time, secure and private connectivity. The company’s security audit included testing the smart contracts against common and uncommon attack vectors.

While security is a major concern for all types of organizations, blockchain companies and platforms face unique challenges in securing their systems. The threats that can impact these companies are often complex and difficult to detect. This is why it’s essential for them to partner with a firm that can provide expert advice and services that will increase their chances of protecting their projects from hackers.

To achieve this, they need a cybersecurity firm that can provide them with the best services available in the industry. This is why they have selected Certik, a firm that specializes in securing blockchain protocols and smart contracts using Formal Verification techniques.

They also use a variety of tools to scan code and networks and build custom tools as needed. This way, they can ensure that their clients’ systems are as secure as possible.

Smart Contract Auditing

Smart contracts are digital contracts that execute the terms of an agreement between two parties on a decentralized blockchain network, eliminating the need for intermediaries. They are also transparent, immutable, and efficient, which can lead to faster and more reliable transactions.

However, smart contracts are prone to security issues that can put user funds at risk. These issues can include a vulnerability to Denial-of-Service attacks, faulty gas limits on Ethereum, and other problems that can make it difficult for developers to secure their code.

A smart contract audit can identify these vulnerabilities and give developers the time they need to fix them before they are exploited by hackers. Certik is a leading smart contract auditing company that has worked on projects for major organizations such as Binance and Goldman Sachs.

The most effective smart contract auditing service providers should be able to provide a full security report and roadmap for resolving any issues found. This will ensure that your project stays secure and prevents any potential security breaches from occurring.

To conduct a smart contract audit, an expert must first analyze the code and identify all vulnerabilities. This will involve an in-depth analysis of the code, including testing and examining its architecture. It can be done by a manual or automated process, depending on the type of project and what needs to be verified.

After the audit, an expert will draft a security report and submit it to the project for review. The report will categorize any issues found on a scale of 1 to 10, with a score indicating their severity. Issues rated as critical or major are deemed to be the most serious and must be immediately addressed to ensure security.

During the audit, a specialist will also look at other aspects of the project. These may include the blockchain, API, and network hosting the code. This helps an auditor determine whether the project is susceptible to attack or has vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise users’ funds.

A specialist can audit a variety of protocols, from cryptocurrencies to social media applications. The best smart contract auditing services should be able to provide comprehensive reviews of the code, ensuring that the project is secure and that its user funds are protected. They can also help prevent any bugs or other problems from surfacing after the project has been launched.


Certik is an American-based firm that offers a formal verification platform for smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. The company also operates Skynet, a blockchain transaction monitoring tool that enables users to see if there are any suspicious on-chain actions happening.

Skynet provides 24/7 security analysis for smart contracts by combining static and dynamic technologies. The service produces an easily accessible, human-readable security score that can be verified by anyone. This helps project teams to quickly assess the security of their projects and smart contracts.

Using the intelligence engine behind Security Leaderboard, Skynet combines a variety of security primitives to provide a complete picture of a project’s security. These include social sentiment, on-chain monitoring, governance, market analysis, safety analysis, and security oracle.

The software can monitor a client’s contract code for vulnerabilities, analyze their project’s growth performance over time, and detect any anomalies with active flash loan detection and DEX liquidity monitoring. Moreover, the software can help clients to track and monitor their wallets per AML regulations so that they can ensure compliance and prevent financial crimes.

It is important for a crypto project to keep its network secure and safe from hackers, scammers, and fraudsters. This is why CertiK’s Skynet is designed to protect and monitor blockchains.

For this purpose, the software uses a comprehensive set of signals, curated from code scanning analysis, on chain security analytics, and machine learning. It helps to protect and monitor over 4 billion transactions and has helped protect a number of crypto projects from attacks.

With the rise of crypto transactions and the increasing number of cryptocurrencies, there has been a demand for innovative and data-driven security products to protect consumers’ assets from fraud. This led to the development of Skynet and other services from CertiK.

The platform has a plethora of services to offer including smart contract auditing, security consulting, and custom certifications. In addition, it has a wide range of integrations that allow it to service multiple industries, including banking and financial services.

As a result, the platform is one of the most prominent security startups in America and has successfully corrected thousands of vulnerabilities that were capable of harming valuable assets. It currently serves over 2,000 clients and has secured assets worth billions.

Customized Certification Services

Certik is an innovative security company that has helped over 100 clients with high-quality auditing and consulting services. It specializes in smart contract and blockchain verification services. The team customizes engineering tool kits for each project and applies cutting-edge research on smart contracts to offer a premium deliverable.

The CertiK Platform consists of a series of technologies that help to verify smart contracts and DApps. These include smart labelling, layer-based decomposition, a pluggable proof engine, machine-checkable proof objects, certified DApp libraries, and customized certification services. The technology is designed to be a one stop solution that is capable of tackling any issues pertaining to smart contracts and dApps.

It also helps to reduce the risk of malicious code being injected into the system. Its techniques can be used by both private and public organizations that are looking to ensure the security of their systems. The CertiK Platform can be applied to a wide range of projects including stablecoins, DApps, and other types of blockchain-based platforms.

In order to establish itself as a leading player in the industry, Certik needs to create a community that can utilise the CertiK Platform. Its team has set out a plan to build up a body of business partnerships in order to showcase its capabilities and it is expected that this will take place by June.

With a total of 10 partnerships in place, the Foundation is hoping to expand to at least 20 partners by the end of June. These partnerships will be used to market the CertiK Platform and will help to generate a greater amount of interest in the project.

The team are planning a token sale in the future, but they do not have any hard cap or pricing information available to date. As they are still in the business development stage, it is likely that they will attract investment privately and look to increase their media presence in the lead up to any possible crowdsale.

The team has hired top-tier product and development talent to help deliver their end-to-end product strategy. This includes Chief Product Officer Kevin Liu, who has more than 20 years of experience in product and engineering management.

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