What is Street Geeks NFT?

What is Street Geeks NFT? Street Geeks NFT is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing authentic art to the public. The organization sponsors films and projects which highlight the talents of street performers. The first NFT funded film is Beyond Street Cred, which stars the world’s most talented breakdancers, poppers, lockers, and martial artists. The film is a heartwarming experience for the entire family and features some of the best Hip Hop dancers and martial artists.

Authentic art

If you’re thinking about buying a piece of NFT art, you may be wondering whether it’s authentic. Fortunately, you can check the authenticity of any piece before purchasing it, thanks to the NFT community’s emphasis on authenticity. One of the ways to do this is by searching for the artist’s name and checking the date when the art was uploaded. You can also look up their social media profiles and read customer reviews.

NFTs are a digital currency that can be used to buy art. They are issued by upstart online marketplaces, such as Nifty Gateway. Each piece of digital art is assigned an NFT, which can be viewed and bought by anyone with an Internet connection. This means that anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can see exactly who owns the work.

NFTs help artists monetize their art by giving them a royalty from each NFT sale after the first sale. They also help artists secure their ownership of digital assets, gain access to new communities, and register physical items. To sell NFT art, artists need to create a digital file of their work or convert their existing artwork into a digital file.

NFTs can also be purchased in the open market. However, you should not buy just any NFT. You have to carefully choose the one that you like and keep an eye on the market price. The value of NFTs depends largely on subjective factors, including the owner’s status and the emotional value of the piece.

The NFTs have created a buzz in the art world and introduced a new format for the trading of art. This has allowed many new artists to reach a broader audience. However, NFTs are still not fully integrated in the mainstream art market.


Crypto-collectibles have become very popular in recent months, as a new generation of crypto collectors are coming into the game. For example, you can now buy a signed tweet from Jack Dorsey for $2.5 million! This is a great way to support an artist, as you’ll be supporting his or her career, while also contributing to the community.

While physical collectibles are familiar to comic book fans, NFTs are relatively new. These unique tokens can be used to show exclusive ownership of something, be it a piece of artwork or a song. Many investors buy NFTs to make a quick profit by flipping them, but there’s also an increasing number of people who buy them as collectibles.

There are several reasons why NFTs can fetch such a high price. The first is the inherent beauty of the art and the meaning behind it. Among the most expensive NFT crypto-collectibles ever sold, Vignesh Sundaresan paid $69.3 million for a copy of Beeple’s Everydays, The First 500 Days, which is a collection of 5,000 illustrations. It took the artist 13 years to create.

While NFT crypto-collectibles can be a great way to support an artist, most people shouldn’t get into them. It’s best to support an artist by purchasing a physical copy of the artwork or buying it digitally. If you prefer, you can also donate to their Patreon or Ko-fi page to support their work. These methods support the creators without damaging the environment or making you waste money.

Crypto-collectibles are made up of different cryptography-based assets. One of the first NFTs to gain mainstream attention was CryptoKitties, which launched on November 28, 2017. The crypto-collectibles quickly raised millions of dollars and nearly brought down the Ethereum blockchain.

Social media platforms

Street Geeks is a project of Lightweight Solutions, a technology company that wants to create a more sustainable, smart world. The company aims to create a community for NFT collectors and enthusiasts, and also stands against the stigma of being different. Its work features geeky glasses as a symbolic representation of a variety of different ways to geek out, and is designed to inspire self-love and acceptance.

Instagram is a popular image-based platform and has a huge audience. It has recently announced its plans to enter the NFT arena. This news is exciting for the NFT community, as Instagram is an image-based platform with a global reach. This will help traders join in the social media community and help grow the NFT market.

Twitter is a popular social media platform, and it allows a business to reach a large audience quickly. The platform also allows NFTs to be displayed as profile photos, which is helpful in boosting a project’s presence. Moreover, it is a public platform, meaning that anyone can create a Twitter account.

Influencers are a powerful asset on almost every social media platform. The right influencer can help get your NFT project in front of a new audience. Just make sure that you are transparent about any paid promotion. Also, make sure that you’re not pushing any brands that you don’t use.

Company monitoring of NFTs

NFTs (network-based tokens) have been making headlines recently, with some even fetching millions of dollars. Some have even raised environmental and electricity concerns, and some have even sold high-profile memes such as the Nyan Cat or “deal with it” sunglasses. It is important to understand the impact of these tokens before making an investment.

In addition to the widespread use of cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens have also been used for digital artists and celebrities. With the rapid rise in popularity, the emergence of NFTs has opened up new opportunities for them. For instance, companies are now able to sell NFTs, which can also make them more profitable. Companies can also use NFTs as currency in their own businesses. If they want to invest in NFTs, they can choose to go with a regulated platform.

Steam, one of the most popular PC games stores, says that it will allow games that use NFTs and cryptocurrencies on its platform. But it is unclear how Apple will react to these developments. Epic, on the other hand, said that it is open to blockchain-based games in its store.

Eco-friendly model

Ethereum is making strides toward a more sustainable model for the NFT market, but the current NFT market leader, Ethereum, will not be able to fully transition to a sustainable model until 2023. Until then, the industry will have to put in concerted effort to reduce its ecological impact.

NFTs are blockchains that enable the exchange of digital and physical goods. They allow buyers and sellers to exchange goods or services instantly. They also make the process of buying and selling digital and physical works much simpler. In addition to this, the use of NFT technology reduces transaction time and fee costs, which is important when it comes to the energy costs of crypto currencies.

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