What is the Sunrise Issue of the Crypto Travel Rule?

What is the Sunrise Issue of the Crypto Travel Rule? The sunrise issue is a problem in the crypto world. Fortunately, there are solutions. One of these is Verisope, a decentralized discovery P2P data transmission network that allows for a historical lookback on crypto transactions. This allows new VASPs to request historical data before signing on to a network, thus preventing the sunrise issue.

CipherTrace Traveler

The sunrise issue of the CipherTrace Travel rule has been causing problems for many VASPs. In the wake of the sunrise issue, compliant VASPs have restricted transactions with non-compliant VASPs. This has had a negative impact on both sides. Fortunately, proactive VASPs can minimize the impact and maintain the international nature of the crypto industry.

The CipherTrace Traveler is a new tool designed to assist Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) with compliance with the Travel Rule. Its technology securely shares the details of cryptocurrency transactions between vetted VASPs, enabling AML compliance and operational continuity. Many jurisdictions, including France and the UK, have proposed new rules to apply the Travel Rule to virtual currency transactions.

CipherTrace’s Traveler solution meets the requirements of the Travel Rule and is compatible with TRISA standards. The Travel Rule is a recommendation from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global anti-money laundering watchdog. This standard outlines best practices for the protection of user data and helps to prevent money laundering.


The Notabene platform is an excellent choice for managing your cryptocurrency transactions. It supports several of the leading industry protocols. As a result, you can be confident that your customer data is safe and secure. You can use Notabene to conduct transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Its proprietary protocol switch helps you connect with the widest number of counterparties worldwide. The solution has been used by leading crypto exchanges and financial institutions to send and receive transactions. Its robust technology has a response rate of over 50%. Notabene is also easy to use and offers tiered security integration. Notabene also offers a free Sunrise Plan.

In addition, Notabene’s Sunrise Plan solves the major issue of VASP compliance. This platform allows compliance officers to automate compliance workflows. The platform also includes award-winning integrations, free transfers up to $10k per month, and comprehensive dashboards.

The Sunrise Issue of the Crypto Travel Rule has created particular challenges for VASPs. The Travel Rule is implemented at different rates in different jurisdictions, and this can negatively impact your business operations. During this time, you may have to redesign your product processes or hire new employees to meet the new requirements.

The Sunrise Issue of the Crypto Travel Rule has negatively impacted the international nature of the crypto industry. VASPs that comply with the regulation restrict their transactions with non-compliant VASPs. This has negative consequences for both parties. However, if you’re proactive, you can minimize these negative effects and sustain the international nature of the crypto industry.


The FATF, the global watchdog on money laundering and terrorist financing, has recently proposed that crypto exchanges and custodians be included as VASPs, or virtual asset service providers, subject to the Travel Rule. These entities must collect and share personal information on participants in cryptocurrency transactions worth at least 1,000 USD/EUR, or equivalent. This threshold may vary depending on the country, but many countries have lowered it to zero.

The Sunrise Issue is a critical issue for the crypto industry, because each country implements the Travel Rule at different times. This means that different countries’ implementation may be months or years apart. Countries will be required to balance the Travel Rule with domestic legislation, infrastructure, and market considerations. As a result, the sunrise problem can make doing business with laggard jurisdictions risky. Ultimately, non-compliant crypto exchanges could find themselves being shunned.

The Sunrise Issue relates to the Travel Rule’s requirement that crypto exchanges must disclose their counterparties. The issue was created when crypto exchanges across the globe began to adopt the rule at different times, and some came into compliance before their counterparties. The Travel Rule is only successful when all counterparties are in compliance. This situation has prompted regulators to seek a solution that will prevent this issue in the future.

The Travel Rule was created to help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. As the first global crypto law, the Travel Rule has paved the way for more uniform regulation. The aim of the Rule is to make crypto transactions more transparent, while also increasing transparency in the crypto industry. The Rule will also help the crypto industry be incorporated into the financial industry, allowing for a more organized and structured class of assets.

Another issue posed by the Travel Rule is the issue of unhosted wallets. Because unhosted wallets are decentralized and permissionless, they do not have centralized infrastructure that can be verified. As a result, VASPs in jurisdictions with the Travel Rule have a difficult time transacting with counterparties in other jurisdictions.

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