4 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs For Earning Passive Income

4 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs For Earning Passive Income. The crypto industry is booming. It’s estimated that the next Bull market in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is expected in early 2024, and that industry will be worth over US$5 trillion by that time. There are many ways to earn passive income in crypto. Some of the best affiliate programs include Binance, Traders Union, eToro, Kucoin, and Xapo.


In order to become an affiliate of Binance, you need to have a Binance account. Then, you must fill out some tasks. If you do not complete these tasks, you will not earn a commission. After completing the tasks, your referral commission rate will be adjusted. Moreover, you must complete your activities for 90 days. After 90 days, your commission rate will be the standard referral commission. If you have met these conditions, the program will extend your 90-day extension.

You will earn a commission when your referral purchases Bitcoin. The company offers both Tier 1 and Tier 2 commissions. The first one is 5%, while the latter is 10%. You can earn up to US$20,000 by becoming an affiliate of the company. However, you should note that you are limited to a certain number of transactions. For example, if you refer three tier 2 customers to Coinbase, you will earn a commission of $10 every time they make a purchase.

If you can understand cryptocurrency and are willing to invest time, you can make a living as an affiliate of Binance. It is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, and its affiliate program pays between 40% and 50% commission for each successful trade. Plus, you can earn significant bonuses if you’re a top performer. Sign up for the program by filling out a Google Form. You’ll be given a unique referral link that will be tracked for 90 days.

Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, with over 2 billion USD traded each day. It also has its own cryptocurrency called Binance Coin (BNB). You can earn 50% of each transaction through its affiliate program, which is divided into two main types – Spot and Futures trading. The Spot program pays 41% commission, while the Futures program pays up to 40%.

In addition to being one of the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs for passive income, Binance has a variety of unique features that make it a great choice. The Binance affiliate program offers detailed, multidimensional reports, and even bonuses for the best performers.

Traders Union

As one of the top crypto affiliate programs, Traders Union offers many different ways for you to earn passive income through crypto trading. It has a unique system that rewards affiliates with commissions every time their referrals make a purchase. The commissions are paid out at 50 percent of the fees charged by the exchange. You will also get a commission every time a tier two customer you refer buys a Bitcoin.

Changelly is a Malta-based exchange that was originally started by the MinerGate Bitcoin mining pool in the Czech Republic. After a series of restructurings, it emerged as an independent entity in 2016. This exchange offers fast and convenient crypto trading and supports over 140 cryptocurrencies. It also offers KYC verification for its traders. Traders can make their purchases with their bank card or cryptocurrency. The affiliate program offers a 50% commission on every transaction. The affiliate links are permanent, and rewards are in the form of Bitcoin or the equivalent.

Traders Union is a regulated and licensed Forex broker in the UK. It offers a high commission rate and a wide range of tools and bonuses for its affiliates. Traders Union affiliates can earn up to $1200 per referral. They also offer comprehensive marketing tools.

In addition to the above features, Traders Union also offers a simple four-step affiliate program. Once you register, you can begin earning commissions from referrals. The company is known for its referral program, and it pays generously. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, then sign up today and start earning passive income from crypto trading! This program is currently one of the best in the industry.

Traders Union is an excellent choice for those looking to earn passive income from cryptocurrency trading. This program offers a generous commission rate of 50%. The program also allows you to create unlimited referrals. By earning a commission from Traders Union, you can invest your money in the crypto currency of your choice.


When it comes to passive income opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, eToro is a great choice for affiliate marketers. This platform’s affiliate program has a successful track record and offers a generous commission structure. However, there are many affiliates in the same position as you, so you should be prepared to compete with them. For example, eToro requires its affiliates to have at least three active trading accounts per month. If your affiliates fail to do so, you will not receive your commissions.

eToro’s affiliate program is unique from similar programs because it facilitates affiliate marketing by providing training materials and full access to eToro services. This minimizes the learning curve for new affiliates and enables them to start profiting sooner.

Crypto affiliate programs are a great way to generate passive income while you learn about cryptocurrency. You can earn thousands of dollars each month from as few as 10 referrals, with very little investment. When choosing a crypto affiliate program, you should also pay attention to security measures. You don’t want to risk losing your money by making a mistake.

eToro is a social trading platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and trade stocks. It has an easy-to-use interface, so it’s ideal for beginners. The eToro affiliate network also has a tiered payment system based on referrals. You can use your PayPal account to deposit money into your eToro account and earn passive income from your referrals.

While eToro’s affiliate program does offer a lucrative revenue stream, the company’s lack of a subscription component means that you’ll have to put in more effort to attract and retain customers. The company also offers a generous commission structure, and you can earn as much as 50% commissions. Moreover, the website’s affiliate dashboard makes it easy to track affiliate activities.

Another great option for crypto affiliates is Coinbase. This program pays a percentage of the trading fees of your referrals and has no limit on the number of referrals. In addition to this, Coinbase uses Impact to manage the affiliate program, which is one of the most user-friendly and clean ways to keep track of affiliate marketing efforts.


If you’re looking for a crypto affiliate program, Kucoin has one of the most flexible and lucrative programs. Not only do they offer a variety of products and attractive promotions, but the platform is also very secure. This makes it a top choice for passive income earners.

The affiliate program at Kucoin allows you to earn a commission even if you’re not actively trading. You simply need to create a unique referral link and share it with others. If someone joins KuCoin from your referral link, they’ll become an affiliate and start generating passive income. You can receive up to 40% of their trading fees as commissions. KuCoin also offers a second-level commission for each referral that becomes an affiliate.

Another great aspect of Kucoin is that it has flexible staking options. You can choose between a 21-day flexible staking period or a 90-day fixed staking period. In addition, you can choose to use KuCoin’s Pool-X staking bot.

If you’re interested in mining cryptocurrency, KuCoin is a great place to start. Its mining pool empowers your hashrate and allows you to earn passive income by staking your cryptocurrency holdings. KuCoin’s website also lets you buy cryptocurrency using a credit card or bank wire.

KuCoin also allows you to lend your coins to people who need them. You can choose to lend your coins using either Manual Lend or Auto-Lend, although Manual Lend is not ideal for loan repayment. Alternatively, you can choose to lend your coins for a higher interest rate.

Passive income is an excellent way to earn money without doing anything. This method doesn’t require you to learn about trading or learn about technical analysis indicators. It can be a great way to earn money even during bear markets. And it doesn’t require you to have the requisite knowledge or skills to be successful in the cryptocurrency world. It’s also a great way to get into the cryptocurrency world and make money without investing a dime.

Another crypto affiliate program with great commissions is Bybit. This is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange that is growing in popularity. They have a strong social media presence and a good affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn a percentage of every new user that makes a deposit on their platform. As an added bonus, you can also earn a commission on each referral you refer.

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