BITCOIN LEGEND is a future metaverse game based on ERC-20. It features a futuristic NFT market platform, hero NFT cards inspired by the Marvel Avengers, and 3 Earn strategy. With 3 Earn, you can earn tokens in 3 ways: buying, selling, and trading items. The game also uses AI technology to create webtoon characters that you can trade for apparel, ornaments, and other game items.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology offers many benefits, including greater security, heightened privacy, and lower transaction fees. However, it is not without its drawbacks. For example, a transaction placed through a central authority may not settle until Monday morning. In contrast, a blockchain transaction can be completed in 10 minutes, making it extremely convenient for cross-border trades. This is particularly useful when trades occur across time zones. Before a payment can be completed, it must be confirmed by all parties.

Another important feature of blockchain is its ability to distribute data across multiple nodes. This redundancy helps keep the data incredibly secure. Even if a bad actor were to alter one instance of the Bitcoin database, it would not affect the others. This makes it nearly impossible for them to manipulate the information. In addition, blockchain systems also allow for cross-references across all nodes, making it very easy to pinpoint a node that has altered information.

Blockchain technology is secure because it does not store information in a central location. Instead, it is replicated on many computers, and a majority must approve each block to prevent changes. Each block has a hash code generated by a mathematical function. The more copies of a block, the more difficult it is for bad actors to change them.

Bitcoin uses the blockchain to store information. The data is stored in blocks that each have a certain storage capacity. A new block is added to the chain when it is filled. This creates a chain of data that consists of transactions made between all users.

Metaverse game

Unlike other bitcoin games, Metaverse is not a mining platform. It’s a game platform that focuses on gaming and NFT. The game has many new features that make it appealing to gamers. For instance, players can purchase Hero NFT cards modeled after Marvel’s Avengers. They can also invest in virtual real estate and play various games.

The game also allows players to trade competitive decks built by other players. They can also own land in the Metaverse, customize it, and invite friends to play with them. The gDEX Metaverse platform enables the game’s interoperability, and acts as a unified GameFi layer. This platform is also a Play to Earn platform, with the ability to trade and earn in any game.

The game features a mobile application that allows users to earn the Bitcoin Legend token, which is based on ERC-20. The app is available on both Google Play and Apple Store. It has more than 1,250,000 users, and offers three ways to earn the cryptocurrency. You can mine the token using your smartphone, or you can earn BCL by completing quests. The mined BCL will act as an investment or digital asset, and will eventually be listed on one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges.


Bitcoin legend airdrop: Whether you’re looking for free coins to buy or sell, the community airdrop from BITCOIN LEGEND is a good opportunity to get started on the crypto landscape. The community airdrop is available to anyone who downloads and installs the app. In the airdrop, users will receive BCL, which is the native token of the BITCOIN LEGEND Network. This digital token uses ERC-20 standards to allow any user to mine with their smartphones. The Bitcoin Legend airdrop also gives you a chance to propose new directions for the BCL project. This is a great way for community members to be involved in the project and have their ideas and suggestions considered by staking investors.

Airdrops are often performed by cryptocurrency startups in order to generate awareness about their projects and attract more people to trade the currency once it’s listed on exchanges. These airdrops are typically advertised on company websites or on cryptocurrency forums. The process involves sending coins to current holders of crypto wallets, usually bitcoin or ethereum.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

BitcoinLegend cryptocurrency exchanges can be used to trade digital currencies. The platform supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and allows users to store coins in a vault or delay withdrawals. However, users should be aware of the steep commission structure. The platform charges a spread markup of around 0.5 percent, and it also charges transaction fees based on transaction size and funding source. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives.

LBank Exchange: The LBank Exchange, an international digital asset exchange, has announced that it will list Bitcoin Legend (BCL) on March 15, 2022. The trading pair BCL/USDT will be available for trading from 16:00 UTC+8 on that date. This will give investors and traders an opportunity to invest in BCL.


The Bitcoin Legend (BCL) price is at a very interesting place right now. As the market changes rapidly, it is important to stay on top of the latest news about this digital currency. Many experts have predicted a price increase for the Bitcoin Legend in the near future, while others predict a price decrease. However, there is no sure way to predict this cryptocurrency’s future. It is best to use your own judgement and research the market before making any investment decisions.

The price of Bitcoin Legend is currently $0.020641 and has dropped by 6% in the past 24 hours. The market cap of the cryptocurrency is unknown, while its 24-hour trading volume is $243,628. There are currently 1 active exchange for trading Bitcoin legend, with a 24hr volume of $237363.

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