How to Play to Earn in Axie Infinity in 2022

How to Play to Earn in Axie Infinity in 2022. There are several ways to increase your SLP in Axie Infinity. The first method is to acquire cards of higher tier than what you currently have. You may want to spend some time researching Axies before purchasing them. This way, you will be able to make sure that you are purchasing the best cards. You can also try to check the teams of the top players to see which cards they are using.


Players can earn SLPs in Axie Infinite by winning games in ranked play. The SLPs earned by winning games are used to craft Runes and Charms. These items can be sold in the marketplace. However, the value of these items may vary depending on the game’s evolution and player enthusiasm.

While the exchange supply of SLPs has increased in recent months, the amount of SLPs in the game is still way below its levels in late 2021. This suggests that many users are selling SLPs to offset losses. This is also evident in the velocity of SLP, which has fallen significantly since early February 2022. This decrease in velocity is a sign that the amount of activity is declining and the number of users is declining.

The current bear market is expected to last until the first half of 2022. A few minor trend reversals are expected throughout the bear market. Once this bear market ends, SLP prices should rise to $1000.


In Axie Infinity, players can purchase and breed Axies. In order to do so, players will need three Axies. Some Axies cost hundreds of dollars, while others are free. To help players manage their finances, the game has a lending system. Users can borrow other players’ Axies by paying a portion of their income. This helps reduce the need for seed money. Developers are making sure to create a sustainable economic system in the game. For example, the SLP tokens burn to fight inflation, while the AXS paid for breeding adds to the treasury and goes towards development goals.

In the future, Axie Infinity plans to implement a decentralized governance model. This means that players can stake their AXS tokens and gain rewards for their efforts. In addition, this will allow the game to become a decentralized organization.

The game is still in its early stages, but Axie Infinity is well-run by a team that has passion for the project. The company pays attention to technical aspects and has a clear roadmap. As for AXS, the native token has exhibited strong price dynamics in 2021, and it’s looking good for 2022 as well. While there are a lot of factors that can impact AXS prices, users should be aware of those factors when making their investment decisions.


Axie Infinity, the new blockchain metaverse platform, will introduce land gameplay in 2022. Currently in internal testing, land gameplay will feature the addition of AXS staking. The game is based on the concept of virtual nation-building. Players play as Axies and gain experience points through their daily activities and battles with other Axies. Each Axie has their own specific traits and abilities, and some are more competitive than others.

Axies have four stats: health, morale, skill, and speed. The health and morale stats determine the maximum amount of damage Axies can deal. Axies with higher health will deal more damage, but they will be less effective in critical attacks. The speed of an Axie’s movement also affects the damage it can do.

The game’s classes are similar to Pokemon types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. There are six common classes and three secret classes. The hybrid “Mech” class, which combines a purebred Bug Axie with a purebred Plant Axie, is the weakest of the three. There is a chance that future patches will change these rankings, however, so players should keep this in mind.

Earning SLPs

The game has a play-to-earn model where players earn SLPs by playing the game. Players purchase virtual Axies (Axies) with ETH or SLP to use them in the game. They can also borrow Axies from scholars.

Earning SLPs in Axi-Infinity will be a bit different than in previous years. Unlike the past, players will no longer earn them in PvP. However, if they want to buy something with real money, they can do so by trading in SLPs. However, new players will still earn SLPs in-game. In addition to the in-game tokens, players can also earn real cash in the game by breeding AIs and selling them. However, players should note that AIs are still considered NFTs and the value of AIs depends on the quality of their AIs.

While you may not need to spend all of your time playing PvP, Arena is the best way to earn SLPs. While skill and strategy will usually be enough to win, if you want to make the most of these currency points, you can invest in good teams and learn how to use their different abilities. You should also learn how to manage your energy and use debuffs and buffs properly.


There are a few passive income methods that you can use to earn money in Axie Infinity. One way is to lend out your Axies to other players. Another method is to create an Axie Scholarship program. These programs are free and allow you to earn a small amount of money every day. These can be used to buy and sell items in the Axie Marketplace.

You can also earn AXS or SLP by winning PVE adventures or PVP arenas. These items are essential monetary resources for breeding Axies. You can sell them in the market for between one hundred to two hundred SP. However, you should note that this currency will be burned when a new Axie is born. This is a way to prevent inflation in the game.

You can also check out the subreddit for tips on building your team. There are active users who share tips on team building, best combos, and other strategies. This will save you a lot of money and time in the long run. It is also a good idea to research your Axies before you make a purchase. Check the teams of the top players and make sure you’re buying top-tier cards.


In the game Axie Infinity, players acquire tokens called Axies. These tokens can be exchanged for real money. Players can also purchase Axies from other players or breed them in the Axie Lab. There are nine classes of Axies, each of which has a unique fighting trait.

The Axie Infinity game is a popular play-to-earn game, and in 2021, it experienced significant growth. The developer of the game, Sky Mavis, is constantly updating the game’s graphics and gameplay. Currently, the game offers free 100 transactions daily. In addition, a good team can earn up to twenty dollars a day.

Those interested in the game can try it out in the Origin version. This version of the game has been launched in an effort to attract more players. This version of the game allows you to play for free to try it before buying the full version. Besides, you can earn Axies by releasing Axies into the wild. Once you have a lot of Axies, you can use them to purchase additional items.

Currently, Axie Infinity has a population of 2.5 million active players. This is because the game uses blockchain technology to offer players a play-to-earn platform. This platform enables players to earn money through a variety of different means, including making an avatar with a unique skin, lending assets to other players, and renting property in the game.


The Axie Infinity ecosystem is an unusual blend of work and play. The game has become a worldwide phenomenon, and many early players have racked up substantial sums of money from gaming rewards. According to Axie Infinity’s official documents, the game has already generated over $1.3 billion in revenue.

It used to cost as much as $1500 to start in Axie Infinity, but prices have dropped drastically. Today, the entry cost is about $200. To build a good team, you’ll need a tank, middle-laner, and back-laner. To avoid making a mistake, check out the top players’ teams before buying an Axie. Make sure you only buy the best-tier cards, so you’ll have a competitive advantage over the other players.

You’ll also want to master the Arena. In Axie Infinity, you can earn a substantial amount by using the Arena. When you have at least 20 Axies in the Arena, you’ll receive 60 energy per day. Similarly, if you can achieve a win ratio of 80%, you’ll earn 48 victories a day. In addition, the top 50 players will earn a governance token known as the AXS.

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