Who Are the Most Notable NFT Artists?

Who Are the Most Notable NFT Artists? If you’re in the market for a NFT and you’re unsure who to choose, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, consider the artist’s style. Many artists are known for their abstract designs, but there are also artists who are known for their simple and magnetic style. These artists tend to create art with primary colors and simple, gentle movement.

Mike Slimesunday

Mike Slimes Sunday is an artist from Massachusetts, and has sold over six thousand NFTartworks. He has also collaborated with 3lau and Playboy, and has put out multiple collections on the Nifty Gateway. His art is eye-catching and evocative, and is described as progressive and avant-garde. His pieces have helped move the goalposts in graphic design.

Mike Slimes Sunday has worked with many of the most popular artists in the NFT scene. One of his projects, CryptoPunks, is one of the most popular, with over half a billion sales in its lifetime. His other projects include reimagined classical paintings and original texture tool collections for digital painting. In addition to his NFT work, Slimesunday has also directed audio for music. The SSX3LAU music has sold for more than $7 million in total.

Mike Slimes Sunday and Mike Winkelmann are two notable NFT artists. Mike’s Everydays of the First 5000 Days, which took thirteen years to complete, sold for $69 million. The work features 5,000 digital images. Beeple’s digital art includes pixelated Mona Lisas and whimsical giant flies. The best NFT artists know how to provoke their audience and engage them with their art.

Another NFT artist who has become well-known is Micah Johnson. The former MLB player is considered one of the most prolific NFT artists. His series of digital images featuring a young boy in an astronaut hat and sneakers has sold over one thousand pieces. The average price per piece is over $2,000.

Frederic Duquette

Known as FVCKRENDER, Frederic Duquette is a self-taught digital artist living in Vancouver, BC. His most notable project is the collection of 4,169 digital crystals, each of which grants a special utility in the FVCKRENDERVERSE. He is also known for his collaboration with other artists, such as BAEIGE. One of his most notable NFT artworks is Ally, which represents a future where humans work together.

The Canadian artist has teamed up with rapper Ice Cube to create a collaborative project that spanned seven months. The project explored different themes, styles, and media. As an artist, Duquette has become well-known for his unique take on the world of 3D art. His work has a distinctively futuristic theme and is made with various 3D art software.

Despite its unorthodox nature, NFTs have become a prominent subset of the art market. By creating a digital art community, artists are able to showcase their skills and interests in an unorthodox and innovative way. These artists are not considered mainstream, but they are responsible for generating momentum and bringing new ideas to the world of crypto art.

The NFT art market has seen exponential growth over the past few years. Its top artists are now earning millions of dollars with their digital creations. As of this writing, about 40 artists earn over $10 million from their art sales. Of those, three earn over $100 million and are among the richest living artists.


XCOPY is an internationally recognized crypto artist who has been minting NFTs since 2018. His works often sell for thousands of ETH and are worth millions of dollars. Many of his works are owned by prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community, such as Snoop Dog. Some of his artworks are also sold by auction houses like Bonhams. His work is not algorithmically generated, but rather created by hand. His NFTs can be found on a variety of digital art platforms.

As of August 2018, XCOPY has sold more than 3,000 pieces of art, with nearly $50 million in sales. Though he has been creating art for nearly a decade, he did not become an art collector until 2014. His popularity on Tumblr made him a household name, but it also caused him to disappear for a month in 2014.

XCOPY is one of the most prominent crypto/NFT artists, and is the third highest-selling artist in the space. XCOPY NFTs are created in limited editions of 38. This means that every NFT is a unique piece of art and is unique in its own way. XCOPY is a London-based crypto artist.

XCOPY’s work combines bright neon colors with black and white. He uses graffiti markers, spraypaint, and fat graffiti markers to create his pieces. His work often includes witty captions. His work is inspired by internet memes and is a commentary on capitalism.

Blake Kathryn

One of the top-earning female crypto artists, Blake Kathryn, has collaborated with Paris Hilton on her Planet Paris line. In addition to working on this line, she has also set a record for a single auction piece with the Nifty Gateway, selling it for more than $1 million.

Many of her works are digitally collaged with pixelated houses, glue, and feet. These works typically sell for more than $4,500, making her one of the most popular NFT artists. She has sold more than 1,500 works since she first entered the marketplace in 2013.

Tove Lo is another notable NFT artist. A Grammy-nominated multi-platinum recording artist, Tove Lo has always put the visuals front and center in her work. Her first NFT sold for $4.1 million, making her one of the highest-selling NFT artists in the world. Her style has been described as a mix of cyberpunk and Japanese animation, and she is one of the most distinctive artists in the NFT space.

Aside from her work, she has also lent her likeness to several NFT artists. She supported Young & Sick’s NFT fundraiser for independent venues, purchasing one of their auction pieces and lending her likeness to their Nifty For NIVA portrait series. The project was so successful that it raised more than $250k for the NIVA. It also received support from major artists such as Dillon Francis, Shawn Mendes, Disclosure, and Rolling Stone.

Micah Johnson

Micah Johnson is a former professional baseball player who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago White Sox. After his retirement from the MLB in 2018, Johnson turned to art and opened an art studio in New Hampshire. His work has since earned more than $10 million USD in sales, and he has been signed to a film deal.

Aku is releasing a chapter seven of its online comic on Sunday, December 19, at 2 p.m. ET on Nifty Gateway. The drop will last about five minutes. Johnson has big plans for Aku in the future. In addition to developing an animated film, he has built a team that specializes in building businesses based on intellectual property. While he is coy about his plans, he explains that he wants to create new ways for fans to engage with Aku and other NFT characters.

Johnson learned about NFTs from Jimmy McNelis, the CEO of NFT42. McNelis later bought Johnson’s first NFT. Johnson also learned how to animate with Adobe After Effects. His NFT art has been sold on various digital auction sites, including SuperRare.

Johnson began releasing NFTs in January of 2020. In February of that year, Johnson’s “Aku” artwork was released, making him one of the first NFT artists to be sponsored by Visa. Micah Johnson is a Park Tudor alum. He was part of the class of 2009 and had previously been a baseball player. He later became a professional baseball player.

John Orion Young

John Orion Young is a 35-year-old digital artist from Portland, Oregon, who has been making a name for himself in the world of NFTs. He has become well-known for his garish virtual figurines, referred to as JOYs. These figurines make people feel joyful and unnerved at the same time, depending on their mood. He has been creating NFTs since 2017 as a way to make money.

As a fourth generation artist, John Orion Young has used cutting-edge technology to explore new and unconventional forms of art. He has become a colorful fixture in the Metaverse and is a consistent advocate of VR/AR technology on blockchain. His style is unique, featuring cartoonish renders and primary colors. This artist has an eye-catching visual style that inspires viewers to engage with his work. His art is a representation of his world-view.

The world of NFT art is quickly growing, and there are a number of notable artists creating works that will be sold on the Blockchain. These works are uniquely coded and will be verified to ensure authenticity and ownership. These artworks can be single pieces of art or entire albums. The NFT art industry is growing fast, so it’s hard to know which artists will be the next big thing.

As the NFT art scene continues to develop, the market for NFTs will continue to grow. Young’s art, for example, has fetched $85,000 at an ArtRepublic auction during Miami Art Week.

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